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Red Olive Creative Consulting calculates its invaluable services by a day rate. This provides greater transparency to clients in terms of understanding and anticipating budget for a particular development/fundraising engagement, and will allow for better business operations. 

Please note: Red Olive Creative Consulting does not work on commission (% of money raised).

General Development Consulting

After an initial consultation with potential client, Red Olive Creative Consulting will provide a client with a proposal based on the conversation. The proposal will include an estimated amount of time (in days) the contract will require. Client has the opportunity to change the scope of agreement, increase or decrease. If agreed upon, number of estimated hours is the minimum that will be billed, with an initial payment due at signing, and following invoices will be sent at the beginning of the following months.

Monthly Mentor

Have a Development Director on call! Up to six hours of contact per month and unlimited e-mail for quick questions or clarification. Requires a six month or twelve-month consecutive contract, billed monthly. Topics may include but are not limited to:

Develop a year-long fundraising plan | Develop short term fundraising campaigns for high impact projects | Cultivate a culture of philanthropy within your organization | Individual giving program | Grant prospecting on a budget | Build a top-notch Board of Directors | Build a Membership Program | Grant Writing | Fundraising Letter Writing | Trainings for identified development staff |Build an impact-driven Junior Board | & more​

Fundraising Appeals

For organizations looking to raise money (more than $5,000) in a short period of time, or else work to acquire new donors that they can then move through their overall development/fundraising program. Fundraising appeals generally run 5 months, usually: September – January; March – July. Red Olive Creative Consulting will deliver the following:

  • Monthly timeline with deliverables
  • Suggested fundraising goals based on prior donation data Two Rounds of Edits for Appeal language, two letters/appeals + Acknowledgement Letter (Electronic and/or Mail), with design suggestions (final to be determined by client’s design style)
  • Mail merge of letters and labels
  • Final month, weekly e-mail updates (4 weeks)
  • Collateral Design, if requested (costs incurred)​

Grant Writing

Red Olive has been writing successful grants and budgets for individuals and organizations for over a decade. Red Olive’s experience as a Program Directors and Development Directors are unmatched when it comes to understanding and making a strong case. Grant Writing is a team effort, and requires a significant amount of investment from the client up front, with Red Olive working the magic on the back end. Contact us for a quote or more information.

Special Events

Special events are a way for organizations to showcase its work to its audience and potential new friends, and, often raise money for the organization. In general, there are two types of events: cultivation and fundraising.

Cultivation events happen at no cost to the attendees. There might be an ask for support, but in general, this is about showing off the organization, and a no-stress way for Board and special volunteers to bring potential donors into the fold. Cultivation events are generally hosted by board members or the ED, and take place at the organization’s site, house, or else a location sponsored by the board. Generally  2-4 days.

       Red Olive will support client in developing the following as needed for cultivation events:

Invitations (electronic) | Invitation lists | Event timeline & general project management | Run of show | Caterer & menu (costs incurred) | Décor (costs incurred) | Day of event management | Event thank you’s | Stewardship plan for event attendees 

Fundraising Events are designed to raise excess funds for the organization. Red Olive Creative Consulting is committed to helping produce a beautiful and meaningful event for your organization at minimal cost, so that more dollars can go towards what’s most important: your mission. Estimate given after initial conversation.

       Red Olive will support client in developing the following as needed for fundraising events:

Event branding + Collateral design including but not limited to: sponsorship package, invitation (print + electronic), exit gifts, event signage, exit gifts, (costs incurred)| Support selection of event chairs + host committee, securing lead gifts | Ensure sponsorship benefits are carried out (signage, exit gifts, call out at podium) | Invitation lists + label mail merging | Event timeline & general project management | Event Run of show, including speech support | Caterer & menu (costs incurred, when available) | Décor (costs incurred, when available) | Day of event management (when available) | Event thank you’s & follow up | Stewardship plan for event attendees

Database Entry, Cleanup / Transfer, Systems Building

Sometimes the tools you use aren’t the right tools for the future goals you want. Red Olive Creative Consulting can recommend a donation platform, called CRM (Client Relationship Manager) that is intuitive & user friendly, accepts payments and recurring donations, integrates with other services like Eventbrite, Square, PayPal,  and several other platforms. Most importantly the CRM allows for donor information to be kept in one place, and accessible to staff and volunteers! Most often this requires a data transfer and organizational set up and training for staff who will most-often use this tool. 2-5 days.

Board/Staff Training

Train up a staff member or volunteer in the ways of philanthropic business. Every staff member should think about their work + professional or personal networks in relationship to fundraising for the organization. More importantly, an organization is only as strong as every member of its Board of Directors! Red Olive Creative Consulting can help organizational leadership motivate board members to give of their time + of their dime (there should be 100% board financial giving at some level in every institution), board transitions, board recruitment, and board fundraising workshop trainings. 1 two-to-three hour session = 1 day (includes prep work).